English as a vibrant international language

I would like to welcome you to The English Academy of Souhern Africa website and hope that you will participate in and engage with the range of activities that we plan continuously. Our activities and events are guided by the mission and vision of the Academy and the national decolonial discourse within a society in transition. English is a vibrant international language with one fifth of the world’s population speaking the language.¬†Interest in English as a second language is also growing globally.

The Academy has close ties with the Association of Commonwealth Literatures and Languages, international scholars in English studies, national and provincial language bodies, academic departments at universities, school teachers and the larger society.  The Academy is known for the prestigious awards in the different genres of literature, groundbreaking scholarship in journal articles, literary reviews in the media, translation of literature into English and youth writings. We encourage Scholars in English literature and language from all over the world to contribute scholary articles to our internationally indexed and accredited journal, The English Academy Review. 

Rajendra Chetty, President of the English Academy of Southern Africa