The place of English in the world.

With up to 2 billion speakers worldwide, English is arguably the largest language in the world today by number of speakers.

I would like to take the opportunity of this short welcome message to thank you for taking time to visit the website of the English Academy of Southern Africa (EASA). The English Academy of Southern Africa has behind it a rich history of facilitating the study and cultivation of the English language through speech and writing in Southern Africa over a period spanning the last sixty years. It is my sincere hope and trust that our website will assist you to access all the various events and activities that we plan and execute each year in pursuit of our stated vision and mission, even as we also take due cognizance of the state and status of Southern Africa as a region in transition.

The English Academy of Southern Africa works in close association with a number of other national and international bodies such as the Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS), and the English National Language Board (ENLB) among others, which are all involved in the propagation, study and use of English. The academy also works closely with academic departments of English in universities and the school system with a purpose to continually develop and showcase English as a significant language of the world.

Finally, this welcome note would be incomplete without mentioning the academy’s prestigious awards and competitions, which cut across all literary genres such as prose, poetry, drama and more, including our prestigious annual public lectures and commemorative events that take place on a regular basis. The academy also runs a flagship scholarly journal, the internationally indexed and accredited English Academy Review to which researchers, scholars and academics in English are particularly encouraged to contribute.

I wish you a wonderful experience as you surf our website in the hope and expectation that you will not only find time to join the academy or renew your membership, but also to network and participate in our various activities as we celebrate English as one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Thank You.

Professor Owen Seda, President of EASA.