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The Academy recognizes the need to communicate widely on its activities and does this through publications, conferences, lectures and media statements.



English Academy Review

The main publication of the English Academy is The English Academy Review: Southern African Journal of English Studies (EAR). This is a locally and internationally accredited journal, published twice a year, containing:

  • Scholarly refereed articles on all aspects of English including English education
  • Creative writing
  • Reviews of significant publications
  • Proceedings of the Academy
  • Academy lectures

More information regarding EAR, including the submission of articles for publication, can be found here.

Other publications

The Academy has published Better Than They Knew – an account of the contributions of English speakers in Southern Africa (ed. R.M. de Villiers. Cape Town: Purnell, vol. 1, 1972, vol. 2, 1974).

It has also published Guidelines on Terms and Punctuation, conference proceedings and occasional papers.

Members are informed on current activities by regular publication of the Newsletter.


Two public lectures are given annually:

      • The English Academy Percy Baneshik Lecture
      • The Commemorative Lecture

Among the  distinguished guests who have  delivered the  English Academy Percy Baneshik  Lecture are Prof. Es'kia Mphahlele, Prof. Njabulo Ndebele, Prof. Martin Orkin, Prof. Guy Butler, Dr Alan Paton, Mr M.C O'Dowd, Prof. Albie Sachs, His Excellency Mr Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Prof. Elwyn Jenkins, Prof. Stephen Gray, Chris van Wyk and John Matshikiza.

See News for details of Lectures

Percy Baneshik Lecture given by Prof. Molly Brown

2014 Commemorative Lecture

Prof. Robert Charlton Commemorative Lecture


Language Usage

Ask Oxford
  • The official website of Oxford dictionaries. Includes a free search of the Compact Oxford Dictionary and a free inquiry service on dictionaries, grammar, spelling, symbols, the English language, usage, words and word origins.


Words and Phrases Old and New
  • A chance for entertainment and enlightment. Subscribe to this service at:


Internet Grammar
  • The Internet Grammar of English is an online course in English grammar written primarily for university undergraduates. However, we hope that it will be useful to everyone who is interested in the English language. IGE does not assume any prior knowledge of grammar. Users of this service must pay a fee and must have Javascript on their computers.


Oxford Editorial
  • A private website dedicated by a former Oxford staff member to The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors and The Oxford Guide to Style (the revised edition of the famous Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers). Also contains useful links.


South African Language- and Literature related
Organisations, Institutions and Websites
Teaching English Today


Dictionary Unit – Rhodes University


Amazwi South African Museum of Literature
  • The principal institution for research into South African literature written in English.


Institute for the Study of English in Africa


  • SA South African branch of the International Board on Books for the Young. The only organization devoted to children’s books in all languages in South Africa. The website includes news and a membership form for those wanting to access reviews.


South African Translators’ Institute
  • Among the activities of the Institute, it administers the SATI Prizes for Outstanding Translation and Dictionaries.


Professional Editors' Group
  • The national organisation for professional editors. Among its activities it produces a newsletter listing job opportunities.


Toastmasters Southern Africa
  • An organization consisting of clubs of 20 members, where communication and leadership skills are enhanced. Toastmaster clubs provide a supportive environment for learning public speaking skills


Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa


Centre for the Book
  • The Centre for the Book is a unit of the National Library of South Africa. Its mission is to promote a South African culture of reading, writing and publishing in all local languages, and easy access to books for all South Africans. The core functions of the Centre for the Book:
  1. Information and advice
  2. Advocacy
  3. Book development
  • The Centre for the Book website, the Children’s Literature Network, the Small Publisher’s Blog, the Writer’s Network Blog and E-groups and newsgroups provide daily sites for gathering and dissemination of information on books, reading, writing, publishing, libraries, book-selling and related issues. Particularly helpful are its publications on how to get one’s work published.


  • The largest national literary site in South Africa, covering information, news and debate about fiction, poetry, theatre, film and more general cultural issues.


Book SA
  • Another South African website on literature, including news, blogs and a search facility to help you find a book at a book dealer.


Recommended Reading

This list includes both new works and editions of standard works. Many of them are available in public libraries. If you can’t locate what you are looking for, try your nearest university library.

English Usage
  • Crystal, David. Who Cares about English Usage? Penguin Books, 1984.
  • Fowler, H.W. A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. 2nd ed., rev. Sir Ernest Gowers. Clarendon Press, 1965.
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History of the Language

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  • A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles. Oxford University Press, 1996. (This work is currently out of print, but is available in many larger libraries.)
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  • The Oxford English Dictionary (2nd ed.) Prepared by J.A. Simpson and E.C. S. Weiner. 10 vols. Clarendon Press, 1989. (This major reference work is accessible in the larger reference libraries, and available to subscribers online and on CD.)
  • Oxford South African Concise Dictionary. Oxford University Press, 2010.
Writing guides

  • The Economist Style Guide (10th ed.) The Economist, 2010.
  • Peck, John and Martin Coyle. The Student’s Guide to Writing: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. Macmillan, 1999.
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Documentation guides

  • Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.) University of Chicago Press, 2010.
  • MHRA Style Guide (3rd ed.) Modern Humanities Research Association, 2013.
  • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th ed.) Modern Language Association, 2009.
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Handbooks for editing and indexing

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  • New Oxford Style Manual. Oxford University Press, 2012.
  • Recommendations: The preparation of indexes to books, periodicals and other publications. British Standards Institute, 1974.

Teaching English today

Teaching English Today

In 2010, the Academy launched an online magazine for English Teachers. While the site is active on an ongoing basis, two 'editions' are published each year. The articles provide a mix of practical advice and discussions on matters related to English teaching. The Editor is Dr Malcolm Venter. Contributions are welcome and may be submitted at any time by email to the Editor.

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